This Information Can Save You Thou$and$ and Reduce Your Stress

Partnering with Doggie Designer– the “paw”fect way to start a dog business online!


Why should you believe anything I say?

Simple…  We’ve already helped hundreds of people to start a dog business online.  We’ve even published a book on the topic.  We have seen others make costly mistakes and we’re here to make sure you don’t run into the same problems.   Learn from our experience!  Let us help you to become successful and save you time, money, stress, and sleepless nights. Starting a dog business online does NOT need to cost you a small fortune and it should be FUN, not chaos.

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Want more validation?  We’d be more than happy to introduce you to other online dog boutique owners who WISH they had used our services and instead got scammed!

Complete Business Builder Package

  • Everything you need to be up and running,  making money in LESS THAN 60 DAYS!
  • Turn-key eCommerce store utilizing YOUR colors and YOUR logo
  • Up to 10 customized content pages
  • Add an unlimited number of products to your online catalog! The first 50 items with data entry added to your site by our design team
  • Monthly fee of only $99 includes hosting, email marketing, contact management system, full eCommerce integration, and more!
  • Monthly support plans available.
  • Personal instructional and guidance throughout the process


10 thoughts on “This Information Can Save You Thou$and$ and Reduce Your Stress

  1. I paid another company more than $15,000 for their web design, marketing help, education, etc… At the end of 4 months I hated the service, hated my website, and had to fight to get some of my money back.

    I’m now working with Doggie Designer and Greg and I love it! So much easier and so much more affordable. I only wish I had stumbled across this company 6 months ago before going through a nightmare.

    Thanks Greg!

  2. I wish I would have found you 7 months ago!

    I entered a venture in August , 2010. To date I have spent about $17,000 and have not earned 1 cent. I have spent countless hours reading and listening to videos, all which have been good. I have acquired my business license, my EIN, by resale tax certificate, etc., etc. But I am totally hung up on getting the website going and all the necessary securities, etc. I found your site today while searching for a dropshipper. I have decided I want to sell all things pertaining to dogs and cats. I found you as a dropshipper. I am very intrigued by what you have to offer.

  3. I have read Greg’s book which has helped me so much. By reading his book I decided to open up my dog store on line. I still read his book over and over and every time I learn more and more about doing business on line. I just started and I know I will be able to do this by doing what Greg has suggested on his book. I recommend every one to read this. It does teach you what you need to know in order to start your on line business. Thank you Greg.

  4. Greg,
    My name is Eli, I am thinking about starting up a online dog store. I can across your website, and your program interested me. Is there a good time I would be able to talk to you, also a good number to reach you. Look forward to speaking with you.


  5. I SO wish I knew about YOU, BEFORE committing THOUSANDS of dollars with *Fortune Learning Systems*!!! I simply cannot afford to do BOTH…..I’m looking forward to a long & mutually-lucrative relationship with *Doggiedesigner* as my primary supplier! Thank YOU Greg, for your help thusfar.


  6. Hey we are online doggie desginer tshirts that launched this summer, we just aren’t seeing the traffic to website or sells at all. Its about 4 months we are just not seeing the money we spent SEO or marketing help our website. What does your package entail, SEO, SMO or is just e information book? How does your eccomerce website work is drop shipping of your products??Can you sell your own copyrighted dog tshirts on you the eccommerce website you guys offer? What is canceltion policy? I have many more question but would rather speak to live person, so if we could set up time to talk that would be great, thanks

  7. I really appreciate the helpful ideas I get from you. I have spent a great deal of money getting a site set up with very little results. I wish I had just gone with your company to begin with. I will soon be doing your boot camps. Just think, I probably could have a site with traffic up and going by now. Thanks again!

  8. I spend a lot more than that with another company and they only put 27 items on the website and you must do the rest yourself or pay them more money.

    They publish a list of pages necessary to have a marketable website and than they DO NOT add all the pages to the website. So I am still struggling to get on line. Wish I would have found Doggie Designer BEFORE spending thousands of dollars with someone else.

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